Why Should Women Start Lifting Weight

Will women need to lift the weight, will train in resistance? Will weights lifting make them bulky? Is it bad for the joints they have? Which happens after the muscles develop? Must they continue to lift weights or would the muscles become fats?

These are some of the girls ‘ common concerns that are told together with cardio to begin resistance training at the nearest Ladies Gym.

1.  Fat Loss

Many people just think about lifting weight to get a body that rips a shirt. However, if weight lifting is compared to cardio, weight lifting is better when calories are burned. Weight training, both during and after exercise, causes the body to burn fat. Even if after lifting you take one or two day rest, the body continues to absorb extra oxygen, which raises the metabolic rate and burns calories.

2.  Get Into Better Shape

Through incorporating muscles, you can achieve this hourglass shape. Cardio exercises help you burn fat, but it also damages the tissues of the body. If both the fat and muscle are lost, the body will weigh less, but it is not going to be in shape. Forms muscles and strengthens the muscle tissue, giving the body its form.

3.  Get Better Sleep

Was that deep sleep you skipped with less “getting up in the middle of the night?” Strength training allows you to get better sleep consistency. Resistance training or high-intensity exercise (not heavyweights) leads to better sleep and also increases sleep time.

4.  Improved Energy

Even after a small resistance training session, the energy balance and fat oxidation of the body are retained. When lifting weights (even doctors support this), the risk of heart disease can be reduced. Besides a healthy heart, those who lift also have standard blood pressure and glucose levels.

5.  Strong bones

Bone mass loss is normal with age, and women are at higher risk. When women of the middle age tend to lift weights, they reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

All these advantages, however, should also be routinely discussed by women with their coaches to reduce the risk of injury. So no longer have any questions, start lifting!