Ovarian Cancer Patients Swear By Cancer Support Groups

Ovarian Cancer Patients Swear By Cancer Support Groups

If up until recently anyone would have told you that voluntarily you would sit down with a group of strangers to discuss your innermost feelings, the odds are good that you would have laughed. Unfortunately, being diagnosed with ovarian cancer most likely stood your world on its head and you may now find yourself a member of a cancer support group and more than willing to share your innermost feelings, secrets, hopes, and fears.

Relax! Ovarian cancer patients swear by cancer support groups and when you have the chance of joining one, you will be wise to do so. If you are still not quite certain if this is really something you want to do, here are the top five reasons to check out and join a cancer support group:

1.Cancer, unlike many other diseases and ailments, has a unique grouping of emotional ballasts and physical consequences that will wreak havoc in the life of the patient and of her loved ones. At times these changes come on gradually and the patient has time to prepare for them, but other times the diagnosis is followed by a whirlwind of activity, treatments, and changes that may be hard to take in by the patient. Ovarian cancer in particular requires quick and decisive treatment to better the odds of recovery. A cancer support group will help patients prepare for the changes their lives will undergo and also help them as they are experiencing them by banding together treatment veterans and newbies.

2.Physicians have found that treating the emotional aspects of the disease are as crucial as the physical manifestations thereof, and the support group is the best way of addressing common emotional experiences and fears without the need for psychological or psychiatric intervention. Ovarian cancer patients are often referred to support groups as part of their treatment program.

3.Women in particular have a hard time complaining about physical maladies. This is due in part because of their role as being the nurturer in the family and thus it is hard for a woman to find an outlet for her own fears and frustrations. An ovarian cancer support group provides the safe, confidential and sympathetic venue where she can vent, rant, and also complain without fearing that the family is adversely impacted.

4.Cancer support groups are unique in that they pair survivors with current sufferers of the disease. Those just diagnosed or undergoing treatment have the opportunity to discuss their fears and hopes, and also get the emotional boost to keep fighting the disease. While the treating doctors may attempt to provide such a forum, they can only do it to a limited extent. Within the confines of the ovarian cancer support group, those who have gone through it offer the support to the current patient to keep fighting and persevering through chemotherapy, hair loss, physical pain, and side effects in order to emerge cured on the other end.

5.Finally, ovarian cancer patients swear by cancer support groups because they provide forums for comparing and contrasting side effects, the practical aspects of everyday life with the disease, and also the reality check when a patient needs to alert their physician of odd or serious side effects and when they are normal manifestations of treatment.

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