Beginner Mistakes to Avoid When Trying Delta 8 For the First Time

There will always be some beginner mistakes when trying something new. You are more likely to make mistakes when you experiment with powerful cannabinoids. These are the top mistakes that new users make when using Delta 8. And, most importantly, how to avoid them.

Too Strong

It doesn’t matter if you are using delta 8 or cannabis, the biggest beginner error is to take too much too soon. It is hard to describe the feeling of being overwhelmed or uneasy after your first experience.

To avoid unpleasant sensations, it is important to only take a small amount at first and then wait for the full effect. The effects of edibles can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to kick in.

Many beginners make the error of increasing their dosage at first, pretending that they don’t feel anything. They are suddenly overwhelmed by the sensations, often several hours later.

Start small and allow your body to adjust before increasing the doses. Start with tinctures or vape cartridges for beginners. The effects will be almost immediate. This will make it easier to judge your reaction to the first dose and allow you to take more as you need.

Only One Type Of Product

Another common rookie mistake is when a user attempts one product and assumes it will cover the entire delta 8 experience. Delta 8 effects can vary from one product to another due to different absorption and potency.

This is the largest gap between edibles, and all other products. You will have a completely different experience than vape carts, tinctures or any other product.

Delta 8 is best when you try it for the first time. Make sure to test at least two products over the course of several sessions. It is important to note that you shouldn’t mix products during a session. You should only use one product at a time. Because of their quick-acting, uplifting effects, vape carts make a great product for beginners. You can then branch out to edibles and tinctures depending on your preference. This will allow you to fully experience the delta 8 effects and give you a more holistic view of THC.

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