Does Vaping Affects Your Life Insurance Premium Rates – Know How?

Everyone knows smoking cigarette is dangerous because it can lead to various health problems, including cancer. Still, many people all over the world are dying due to smoking. Unfortunately, people who smoke have to pay a high premium for life insurance. Those who quit smoking cigarette for over 12 months can apply for non-smoker rate.

By this, they can decrease their insurance premium rate, but what about those who quit smoking and started vaping? How does it affect life insurance? If you want to know, then this article is for you.

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Is vaping safe?

Vaping is the best alternative to smoking because it is 95% safe compared to smoking. Smoking contains harmful chemicals that can damage organs like the lungs in the body. Vaping CBD is much better than smoking tobacco because CBD is a natural compound that has many potential benefits. They include alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, anxiety, stress, and much more.

How vaping affect insurance policy?

A few life insurance providers will consider the use of marijuana, particularly in case it is associated with medication purpose, while others deny insurance coverage for people who use it more.

Many insurance companies consider vaping devices and cigarettes the same. An individual who uses nicotine products like patches, gum, or vaping nicotine is reported as a smoker by the insurance provider. Such individuals have to pay the high insurance premium.

Usually, smokers have to pay double the amount compared to non-smokers. A few insurance providers will increase the premium up to 200% for smokers. By opting to vape, you can reduce the risks related to smoking, but it may not be sufficient to lower your premium. Insurance providers have to reward the steps of individuals towards health as they want you to be free of nicotine.

Why do insurance providers consider smoking and vaping the same?

The following are some reasons that help you to understand why insurance providers don’t like individuals to vape. They are:

  • Still, there are not any pieces of evidence on the effects of vaping, particularly in the long term.
  • The testing procedures for smokers will not conclude whether the nicotine is from cigarettes or e-cigarette.

How to get a lower insurance premium policy?

If you want to reduce the premium rate, first stop smoking cigarettes. You can use vaping to reduce nicotine intake. Once you quit smoking over 12 months, apply for a non-smoker rate, and lower your premium. A few insurance providers will offer good discounts for vapers. Hopefully, such insurance companies will increase in the future.

Be honest regarding your tobacco intake on the insurance form. If they find out about nicotine use in the tests, your insurance premium is invalid. Also, doing it is illegal. Insurance companies will do a test on carbon monoxide to measure the gas in the body. In case you found lying, then they deny paying death benefits.

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