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Becoming a Childcare Practitioner in Glasgow

If you are thinking about a career caring for children either in a nursery or pre-school setting, the HNC Early Education & Childcare qualification is a very wise choice. Throughout this course you will look into the principles and values that form the foundation of current early years care for children in the UK today. The HNC Early Education & Childcare qualification will enable you to register with the SSSC at practitioner level and this qualification is well recognised throughout the UK and is often a pre-requisite for employment.

When choose a course it’s important that you look into your options and whether you will be able to commit to the course syllabus and the work experience you will be required to participate in. Think about whether a career in childcare is for you and the rewards you will get from this type of work. Most people going into this kind of job have a love of children and a want and need to improve the way that children are taught in a formal setting. This childcare course in Glasgow includes the following modules: • Working in an Early Education and Childcare Setting • Children and Young People’s Rights: Provision, Protection and Participation • Theoretical Approaches to Development and Learning • Curriculum and Assessment in an Early Education and Childcare Setting • Graded Unit 1 • Work Experience

You will be required to attend full-time education for one year and some of this time will be taken up with work experience placements which are compulsory. Nothing can beat the experience that this type of placement can give you and you’ll gain some valuable knowledge along the way. There are many childcare courses available so think about the age of children you would like to teach and the level of care you would like to give them – do you want to specialise in any particular areas for example? Speaking to your local college about childcare courses will give you a good idea of what is available and what the right teacher training route for you is. Childcare is a very rewarding career and the HNC is Early Education and Childcare is a great qualification to get you started. Find out more today and get started. You could be enrolled and on your course within a matter of weeks. Motherwell College is one of the best options for every parent for HNC Early Education and Childcare courses.