How to Avoid Drunk Driving and Stay Safe

Driving under the influence of alcohol can be fatal. Even if you think you’re still capable of driving, you can’t. Alcohol does terrible things to your body and impairs your judgment. You might even doze off as you drive. These tips will help you avoid drunk driving.

Let someone else drive

If you already had enough and think you’re unable to drive safely, let someone else drive for you. Use a ride-sharing app to take you home. As long as you can indicate the address, you will get there safely. If you’re with friends, make sure someone is the designated driver. You’re planning to drink, so someone else has to drive on the way back.

Know your body

You already know how many glasses or bottles of beverage it takes to get drunk and lose control. If you already had enough, it’s unsafe to drive. Never attempt to drive even if you think you’re capable of doing it. Sometimes, it takes time for the alcohol to kick in. You seem okay at the place where you drank, but you suddenly feel dizzy or sleepy while driving.

Spend the night with someone else

Don’t hesitate to sleep with a friend if you’re unable to go home. Leave your car in the parking lot and take it back the next day. If no one can take you in, find the nearest hotel where you can spend the night. It will help if it’s only a few minutes away from where you are.

Stop drinking hours before driving

Give yourself time to recover or doze off for a while before driving. Again, it depends on your body type, but some people quickly recover. If you’re okay after three to four hours, you can head home.

Save contact information for emergencies 

If you decide to drive when you’re already okay, you should still take extra precautions. Save the contact information of emergency services to ask for help if necessary. If you get involved in an accident, you have to call the police and report what happened. You’re drunk, so you probably worry about the consequences. You have to face it since you decided to keep driving while under the influence.

You should also consider calling a West Palm Beach towing service company if your car needs to get taken out of the area. You can’t leave it there and block the road.

Never do it again

If you experienced this problem because you got drunk and decided to drive, it should teach you a lesson. Next time, you have to avoid drunk driving at all costs. If you intend to drive home, you shouldn’t drink. Besides, you can still enjoy yourself with your friends without drinking. Eat a lot or keep talking with them. You can entertain yourself while the rest are drinking.

Lots of people lost their lives because of drunk driving. You don’t wish to end up like them. Worse, you might also hurt others because of a terrible mistake.

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