What Are Various Types Of Pull-Up Bars In The World Of Calisthenics?

Love using different Calisthenics equipment? Well, we are fans of pull-up bars, and this article covers all the different types of pull-up bars available in the market. You will get familiar with all the perks and downsides of different types of bars so that you can make an informed decision while buying one.

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4Different Types Of Pull-Up Bars

1.Free Style

With free-style pull-up bars, you get the freedom of space to perform a wider range of exercises properly. You will not bump into the ceiling or walls while performing exercises on this type of pull-up bar. There are several advanced movements in calisthenics, like muscle-ups, straight bar dips, human flags, etc., that you can perform on the free-style pull-up bar.

There are two main types of free-style pull-up bars. The first is the purpose-designed bar which has high portability. You can dismantle the whole bar quickly and take it with you wherever you want. The second type is the squat rack type bar which is a multipurpose bar. You can use it as a pull-up bar or make it a weight rack that can hold your barbell easily.

2.Doorway-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

The doorway-mounted pull-up bar is the cheapest one among all the types of bars. There are different versions of the bar, but you have to pick the best doorway pullup bar according to your custom needs. It is the perfect equipment for beginners who want to perform basic exercises without adding stress to their budget.

The bar can be easily installed in the doorframe and removed too when you are not using it. There are two ways to install the bar.

  • You have to install two circular brackets on the inside edge of your doorframe and mount the bar on the brackets. You can remove the bar from the mounted brackets when you are not using it.
  • Opting for a complex version of the bar that doesn’t need any brackets or holes to be drilled in the door to mount it. It is more visually aesthetic, and you don’t need to screw anything in the doorframe.

3.Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

A wall-mounted pull-up bar is one of the sturdiest bars of all types. The bar is fixed on the wall through bolts which elevates the rigidity level of the whole structure. Moreover, once mounted, you cannot remove the bar from the wall.

People who don’t feel confident performing exercises on other types, like door-mounted or free-style, will enjoy a solid structure with this type of pull-up bar. As they are mounted on the outer walls, they have a high threshold against the wear and tear of environmental factors. However, you may feel restricted while performing exercises on the bar as there is less space between the wall and the bar.

4.Ceiling-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

The bar is similar to a wall-mounted pull-up bar in terms of sturdiness and durability. The prime difference is that it is mounted to the ceiling of the house. The bar is perfect for people who have extended beams in their house to mount it or free training space in their home or garage.

One of the major advantages of this type of bar is that it provides the luxury of space between the ceiling and the bar. You can perform all the exercises above the bar without any restrictions.


By now, you must have been aware of all the different types of pull bars used in calisthenics workouts. You can select the one that feels right for you and helps you finish your workout smoothly.

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