Why Should Models Workout?

Why Should Models Workout?

We’ve seen models of all sizes, from ultra stick thin to plus size. So what’s the perfect or preferred body for a model to be successful in the biz. Many would say a slim body but unfortunately that’s just half precise. Clients and designers usually prefer models who are fit rather than slim. It is because when a model is fit, they look more toned and pull off clothing better than usual. Would you prefer a model wearing a tank top with a toned arm or a just a slim generic looking arm?It is easy to find models with a pretty face but is the other way round for bodies. Many have cut down food intake and some even starve themselves just so they could be thin enough to make the cut in their next casting, overlooking the consequences that will damage their health. According to studies done by Dr Key from Medical News Today, it is found that an estimation of 40% of models suffer from eating disorders like Anorexia and Bulimia.There are other better ways to be slimmer than starving, like working out in the gym and eating clean. Here’s a tip that not many know, models who have better body builds tend to book more shows compare to usual slim slender bodies. By having well build bodies, you fill up the spaces of the clothes better compare to others – form fitting. Let’s not even start at swimwear, sportswear and lingerie sector. You will storm the runway with all eyes on you and your outfit no doubt. Next thing you realize you’re booking editorial assignments with Nike, Adidas or Underarmour because they simply love your body and how their products would look stunning on you.As you already know the modelling world is extremely tough and competitive, so as a model you’ve to find ways to stand out among your competitors. What is your USP (unique selling point)? Why should designers choose you over your competitors?Here are some work out routines you can imply to your lifestyle without paying a gym membership you can start with to achieve that Calvin Klein or Victoria Secret model’s body.

Decreasing your body fats
To fastest way to decrease body fats is to do high intensity workouts like sprints, swimming and rope jumping. When your do fast pace exercises, your body will gradually build endurance. So as your body endurance increases, you reach higher intensity.Cardio and sprintsMonday & Friday: Cardio

30 minutes jogging at 40-60% speed
orPyramid Sprints.-400m 50% speed300m 60% Speed200m 70% speed100m 100% speed50m 100% speed(1 set)Your recovery time will be the walk you take from the end of your mark to your next mark. (Eg: After completing the 400m, you walk to your next mark which is the 350m mark. That short walk will be your ‘rest’)OrSwim 25mx7 under 75 minutes at 40% speedOrJump rope for 15 minutes non stop

Strengthen core
Based on my experience as a former national runner, circuit training is really an effective way to strengthen our core muscles. The high-intensity exercise contains 6 to 10 quality activities that are finished one practice after another. Every practice is performed for a predefined number of reiterations or for a set time before proceeding onward to the following activity. The activities inside every circuit are isolated by a short rest period, and every circuit is isolated by a more drawn out rest period.Wednesday&Saturday: Light cardio and circuit training- each exercise will last 30 seconds except for the plank-15 minutes slow jog

Push ups – 30 seconds rest

Sit ups – 30 seconds rest

Squat jump (Frog jump) 10m to and fro – 30 seconds rest

Plank Rotation – 30 seconds rest

Burpees – 30 Seconds rest

Plank (1 minute) – 30 seconds rest
(2 sets)Thou shall rest fully on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Remember to not get too big or else you wouldn’t be able to fit any designers’ clothing and walk the runway.Here’s something to motivate you to work out, remember there are models out there fighting for your spot. They’re on their way to reaching the top and are working out 10 times harder to outshine everybody and they’re getting the jobs you’re missing out on. So what are you going to do next?

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