Dry Tattooing- Everything you Need to Know

Are you tried of stretch marks or any scars on your body? If you are looking for a way to get rid of them, you can check out dry tattooing. Also called MCA micro needling, dry tattooing is an alternative treatment that can work on damaged skin directly. It smooths and relaxes scars and can also reduce stretch marks. Damaged skin can be revitalized with any micro needling treatment and using a digital tattoo machine can make it happen very quickly. The pigmentation starts to normalize with dry tattooing, but no pigment is tattooed.

Even though it is not a new treatment, it was not widely heard of because it was referred to as MCA Micro Needling. This particular treatment uses the same principles as the derma roller, which involve the growth of healthy new collagen. But, dry tattooing stands out because it will only work on specific areas of the skin. For instance, if you go with dry tattooing stretch marks or scars, it will only treat those areas and not treat any other areas. With the digital tattoo machine, blood is drawn into the treated area, but the top layers of the skin are not removed.

Rather than creased, stretched skin or poor quality scar tissue, healthy new skin will develop. A single session can show 20 to 50% improvement and you can get the best results in three sessions. The best thing about dry tattooing is that it can be used on all skin tones and colors. Only dark skins that are prone to over pigmentation shouldn’t opt for this treatment. This treatment started off as a way of relaxing and reducing scar tissue, but now it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This is particularly true for darker skins for which laser treatment is not advised.

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